A Bit About Me


I arrived to a snowy, freezing cold Munich, wearing completely the wrong clothes and without enough credit on my phone, in February 2009. At the start of the recession, having been unemployed in Cornwall  for 6 months, and after applying for more than 200 jobs without success, I made an extraordinary decision and accepted a 4  month teaching contract at an International School.

9 years later, I am still here.

My children and Grandson. Graduation day
My family in 2013 at my son’s graduation

It has been a significant chapter of my life. A time that has seen the sad ending to my long marriage; the reinvention of my family and the beginnings of a new life for me.

In this blog you will read about international education and the privilege of being involved in it. You will read about some of the cultural and political changes that have taken place in the UK, Germany and all over the world over the past 9 years.

The birth of my Grandson brought happiness back into my life

 But most of all you will read about the power, and the challenges, of friendship – of laughter, love and companionship among a group of women (and some men) of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds whose wisdom, experience and ability to drink prosecco has kept me going on an even keel when I so nearly went over the edge.

My Tribe
Christmas 2017. No longer ‘nuclear’, my very ‘Modern’ family

I am now 54. I continue to live and work happily here in Munich where, these days I  teach English as well as  Drama. My greatest passion (apart from writing) is to hike in the mountains. My friends are still my friends although many of them have moved on. My son is a corporate lawyer in the City of London and my daughter, a skilled nurse, lives in Cornwall with her partner my Grandson and Grand-daughter.

Enjoy the Blog



(updated April 2018)




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