More than a travel blog…….

In drawing this collection of writings together, I hope to marry the personal with a bit of political,  a lot of cultural and  some geographical and historical  thrown in for good measure.

Freedom Bridge 2
On Freedom Bridge Budapest. September 2016

There are 3 main sections:

  1. Travel Journals

Over the past 9 years, the trips I have taken, and the conversations I have had on them, gave me the much needed opportunity to pause, reflect and consider some important aspects of my own life journey. In a very real sense, these travels – so much more than a ‘holiday’ –  gave me the support and emotional strength I needed to get on with the next phase of my life. The extended writing in the journals,  expresses the sometimes difficult challenges for relationships that living abroad, away from family and old friends, can present and it explores the importance of friendship in the International Community.

awesome O fest photo
When in Munich…..

2. Only in Germany

These writings are entirely superficial! The articles are shorter and feature cultural observations about everyday life for the British ex-pat in Bavaria, as we adapt in practical ways, to living  away from Blighty. Sometimes written in a  sardonic (but never irreverent) style, I hope the affection and great respect I have for my adopted country is always clear. (German readers may have to read this twice to understand the konzept…..!)

Am I the only ex pat in Munich who finds this kind of thing funny?

Fun times on the S Bahn……..



Hikes for Hapless Heroines 

This is a section dedicated to my favourite hobby.




4. Useful Information

This is the nuts and bolts section where I have listed some useful links referred to in ‘Travel Journals’,  ‘Only in Germany’ and ‘Hikes for Hapless Heroines’. This section is for anyone who wants to find out more about a particular region or place of interest mentioned in the main sections.

The blog will appeal to men and women of different ages and nationalities who enjoy travel and who have open minds about friendship. It will resonate with those of us who understand that the concept of   ‘finding yourself’  is a luxury sometimes born out of necessity. I hope it will  give you ideas for some lovely places to stay and to explore with friends and family, but I hope you will also have a thought provoking and entertaining read. I will be adding to the blog on a regular basis to include more trips ranging from Prague to Kuala Lumpur. Apart from my own name, I have used invented names but the photos are real, (with permission.)